Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started building your application using TForce Freight's APIs.

1. Register Your Developer Account

TForce Freight offers two ways to access our APIs. TForce Freight customers can retrieve their account data using our APIs by registering as an End User. Alternatively, partners who would like to offer services to TForce Freight customers can provide an interactive consent experience to users to obtain access to their account data using our APIs by registering as a Third Party. Review the scenarios on the cards to the right, and when you're ready, register your developer account using the User Type that best represents your organization's use case.

For End User developer accounts, it may take up to five business days to configure your new account for access to your data. We appreciate your patience as our customer team processes your enrollment. Third Party developers must also complete our partner enrollment process to begin onboarding TForce Freight customers and requesting access to their data.

To create your developer account, click the button below to get started.

Sign Up
End User

If you'd like access to your TForce Freight account data from your company's business applications, choose this option for User Type when registering.

Third Party

If you'd like to provide services to TForce Freight customers and require access to customer data on their behalf, choose this option when registering.

Developer Profile

Your application can be configured from the developer profile page. From there, you can create your registration, provide branding and policy links, and obtain OAuth configuration.

2. Register Your Application

You'll need to register your application with our Customer Identity and Access Management service in order to authenticate and authorize requests to our APIs. The TForce Freight developer portal Profile page will direct you to the client management dialog where you can configure your application to communicate with our APIs using tokens you obtain with the OAuth protocol.

If you registered as a Third Party developer, your application won't be ready to onboard new users until our team green-lights your enrollment, so be sure you complete our partner enrollment process early to prevent delays.

Visit your profile by clicking the button below to begin configuring your application with the TForce Freight OpenID Connect identity provider.


Click the link below for the user type you chose when creating your developer account to learn how to integrate with our OAuth provider and call our web APIs:

  • End User
  • Third Party

3. Start Building!

Our documentation provides details for integrating with our APIs based on your use case. Once your application is registered and properly configured, you can start obtaining access tokens to retrieve TForce Freight data. Your profile's OAuth Client dialog has all the data you'll need to be successful in integrating your application with our APIs, so be sure to take careful note of the details it provides when configuring your requests.